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High Jack ~ Bearded Collies

I’m Anneli Dahl and live in Jonstorp in Skåne, in the south of Sweden. My family had Chow-Chows when I was growing up and later also an Afghan Hound (Emma). We’ve owned bearded collies since 1989. Emma, the Afghan, was my dog but wasn’t comfortable moving to a new place so she stayed at my parent’s house when I moved out. A few years later I took care of a then 5 year old beardie named Rosie.

Kennel High Jack’s prefix was registered with the Swedish Kennel Club in 1995 and I started breeding in 1997. Already in 1991 when my mother started to breed bearded collies under the prefix “Highflying” I had witnessed the birth of a few litters – and I have now assisted at more than I can remember.

Anneli & Yazzå (High Jack Bearded Collies)I’ve been active…

…doing mostly conformation (dog shows), but also obedience and rally obedience with my dogs. We have also done herding instinct tests and my main goal as a breeder is to preserve the true character of the bearded collie; intelligent, fearless, agile and happy!

It all started for real with the first litter of bearded collies at High Jack born in 1997. This was sired by an English born gentleman and “leased” from the Sahuc family in France, where he lived. “Puppy” was living and shown in Sweden during his year here and sired 4 litters in Sweden. He had a total of 19 offspring here. One of these puppies born at High Jack stayed put! Her name was “Yvette”.

To this date 13 litters have been born here (a total number of 68 puppies) – with so far 12 show champions, another 6 are CC-/point winners and 21 have documented working merits of some sort. 71,7 % have had their hips X-rayed and only one of those (=2,3%) has had Hip Dysplasia. 65 % have had their elbows X-rayed and they were ALL free from Osteochondrosis. The last litter of 8 puppies are too young for x-rays yet and therefore not included in these statistics.

A good mentality is #1!!!

Maybe this is the reason why the “family” has had successes in obedience and agility. In 1998 and 1999 Yvette was no#6 Obedience Beardie of the Year on the Swedish Bearded Collie Club’s list. Her mother Jessie was 13th in 1998 and Yvette’s litter sister Philippa was no#15 in 1998 and no#2 in 1999. In 1999 our kennel was #1 Obedience Breeder of the Year!!! In 2005 we ended up in 4th place. One of Yvette’s sons Ossi (H J Who Cares) was no#2 Obedience Bearded Collie of the Year in 2007.

As a close second comes the dog’s physical health. If we are lucky (and so far we have been!), the conformation is there too: Philippa (H.J Xplosive) became the kennel’s first show champion in 2001. A few more have followed since, which you can see under the litter pages where all accomplishments, no matter what they may be, are liste

Our goal has also been to NOT just go for the “safe and convenient”. We have travelled long and far to find good stud dogs that produces nice and healthy puppies. Trying to find something a little “different” but just as good…


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