Mating successful. Puppies expected mid August!

Yazzå + Harry = true

Mating was very successful and bearded collie puppies will be due here in mid August. We are expecting to get both brown and black puppies with plain white markings. As both parents have great mentality and loving personalities we also expect the puppies to take after their parents in that department.

With our usual luck (being a bit cynical there) Yazzå decided that the best time to be in heat was when Harry’s owners, Marita & Marian Liss, went off for a holiday in Bavaria. Not to complain too much as the trip there was lovely! I have never seen the Alps before. It did complicate the matter greatly though!

However, with some careful planning, progesterone testing and some flights later (including one tiny propeller plane) we made it there. Marita and her husband Marian were so fantastic to sacrifice the first two days of their holiday to keep us entertained while there. Also picking us up and dropping us off at the airport again. I love you guys for being so wonderful!!!

More pictures from our very quick but wonderful mating trip to Bayern will be posted soon… Meanwhile, for more info about the expected litter CLICK HERE!

Below are some pictures of the loving couple together.

Harry & Yazzå

Bearded Collie puppies expected from Yazzå & Harry

Visit Harry’s webpage HERE!

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