8 puppies born August 10th 2017 from Yazzå and Harry. 2 black dogs, 2 black bitches and 4 brown bitches.
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PlCh DkCh RLD N RLD F RLD A RLD M High Jack Flamin’ Hot
Polish & Danish Champion, 3 Cacibs, 1 Q in Novice Obedience,
3 Qs in Rally Obedience Novice, Continuance, Advanced and Expert (RLD N, F, A, M)
HD-A, ED-0, CEA/DNA-carrier

More info about “Yazzå” here…


DEJCh DEClubCh VDHCh Nobility One Mr. Harry Brown
German Junior, Club and VDH Champion
HD-A, Eyes-Clear, CEA/DNA-Clear (n/n)

More info about “Harry” here…

Nobility One Mr. Harry Brown
Ch Essandsee Off The Peg Ch Moonhill Does It In Style
Darkwater Diamond Lil At Essandsee
Ch Nobility Dreamy Miss Beamy Ch Nobility Mr Marlow
Ch Nobility Kisses To Kelly
High Jack Flamin’ Hot
Ch Highflying Hot To Trot Ch Binbusy Quotation
Lp Highflying Perfect Harmony
Ch Papaw Tailwind Gonna Getcha Good Ch Brigadoon Wizard of Oz
Ch Papaw Tailwind Poison Invy

Inbreeding co-efficient 0,5% – 5 gen. (6,56% – 8 gen.)

Previous litters:

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Litter 7 ~ Litter 8Litter 9 ~ Litter 10 ~ Litter 11 ~ Litter 12

Our breeding policies:

The bitches used for breeding in this kennel are always x-rayed and free on both hips and elbows (as a dog has 4 legs!). They are also of good health and breed type with sound construction and great mentality. The inbreeding coefficient is kept well below 6,25% according to the Swedish Kennel Club’s recommendations (RAS = Breed Specific Strategies). Lately, we have started doing DNA testing for CEA as well, as it has been discovered in the breed.

The bitches are never used for breeding before the age of 2. They’re mated at no older than the age of 4 for their first litter and no later than 7-7½ years in a bitch with previous litters. They give birth to between 0 and 4 litters depending on litter size and the evaluation of the previous puppies.

The dogs all live indoors with access to all rooms in the house, at almost all times. The puppies are raised inside the house, and it’s only the puppy room that’s off limits for the other dogs until the puppies are 3 weeks old. We do not allow visitors during the first 3 to 4 weeks after the puppies have been born as the bitch needs to have peace and quiet with her little ones.

Puppies are dewormed 2 – 3 times before delivery and are delivered at a minimum 8 weeks of age; vaccinated and accompanied with registration papers, a health certificate, their own puppy book and a bag of “little goodies”. They are also chipped and insured! A 1 year membership in the Swedish Bearded Collie Club is included for puppy buyers living in any of the Nordic countries.

…and I am naturally “always there” for my puppy buyers!!!