4. Connor & Yvette

DoB 07.06.2003
Inbreeding coefficient: 6,00%

There were 4 puppies – 1 dog and 3 bitches – all slate/black.

High Jack Step By Step “Mika” (Germany)

High Jack By My Side “Aqila”
HD A/A & ED-free.

High Jack By All Means “Lottie”
HD A/A & ED-free.

SweCh NorwCh High Jack By The Way “Jacky”
Show Champion in Sweden and Norway.
HD A/A & ED-free.


connorS. Ch Otterswish O’Connor

yvetteD. DkLPI LPI LPII High Jack Xclusive

Ch Otterswish O’Connor Ch Chriscaro Charlock at Merrythorpe Ch Potterdale Maestro at Mybeards
Ch Chriscaro Chianti
Ch Otterswish Eve Ch Dearbolt Hooray Henry With Catsun
Kimrand Astra
LP High Jack Xclusive Ch Binbusy Magnificat Ch Potterdale Philanderer
Ch Binbusy Cadence
LP Highflying Perfect Harmony Ch Rivermeadow’s Jack Black Cadillac
Ch LP Chriscaro Christmas Rose