10. Spikey & Shawnee

DoB 12.20.2009
Inbreeding Coefficient: 4,10%

There were 9 puppies – 6 dogs & 3 bitches – all slate/black.

High Jack Cantcha Gettit “Macro” (Denmark)
HD-A/B, ED-0.

High Jack Caughtcha Lookin’ “Felix” (Germany)
2 x BOB, 1 BIG Junior in Brazil. HD-A, ED-0.

High Jack Dontcha Wannit “Kefla” (Holland)

High Jack Whotcha Doin’ “Nilo”
HD-A, ED-0.

High Jack Gotcha Thinkin’ “Linus”

High Jack Notcha Beeswax “Dunder”
HD-A, ED-0. Mental Description Protocolled.

High Jack Betcha Like It “Minella”
HD-A, ED-0.

USCh USGCh High Jack Whatcha Waitin’ For HIC “Miss Gibson” (USA)
Champion & Grand Champion in USA. Herding Instinct Certified. HD-Good, ED-Normal, Thyroid-Normal, Eyes-Clear (2012).

High Jack Putcha P.s Up “Stella” (USA)
2 points.



SeCh DkCh Highflying Harvest Moon


C.I.B. VDHCh DkCh SeCh FiCh P. T. Gonna Getcha Good

Ch Highflying Harvest Moon Ch Highflying Up Up And Away Ch Basie of Slavic Charm
Ch Bonnie And Clyde’s Twice As Nice
Ch Highflying Cheyenne Ch Papaw Photo Finish
Ch Highflying As Time Goes By
Ch Papaw Tailwind Gonna Getcha Good Ch Brigadoon’s Wizard of Oz Ch Auldscotia Watch Out
Ch Brigadoon’s Party Doll
Ch Papaw Tailwind Poison Invy Tailwind Hell Diver
Ch Auldscotia Patent Papaw ROM