DoB: 1986.12.24 — 2000-09-22
Breeders: Mr & Mrs Douglas, England.
Owners: Anneli Dahl, kennel High Jack & Inger Dahl, kennel Highflying.
Pedigree ( 

Rosie moved into my home when she and a bitch at kennel Alistair’s (where she lived before) were fighting. She was at that time 5 years old and already a Swedish Show Champion.

Rosie was my first own Bearded Collie and also the first dog that I trained obedience and tracking with. We stopped doing the tracking bit despite her obvious talent. It was her new mom’s impatiance that put an end to that – I have never had the “time” to lay the track and then sit and wait for the actual event to take place… No, things have to move quickly and I have to be in control and do things my way – so obedience was the better choice to make.

I also trained her a lot to get rid of her insecurities. She was afraid of sudden sounds, thunder, gun shots, the fly swatter, children, men, umbrellas – most things, actually. But somewhere underneath that surface there was a really strong lady waiting to come out in the open. And she did. We did a mental test where she was approved “with flying colors”. Rosie proved to be a quite dominant lady who ruled the other dogs with iron gloves, but she was always fair…

We started in an obedience training class after her 7th birthday and after her 2 litters born atkennel Highflying. We attended a puppy training class since her skills were on that very low level at the time. I had taught her to sit, lie down and stay when she arrived at my house, but she still had a lot to learn. Later we continued a basic course in obedience and also obedience class 1 training, where we finished as #1 of the training class.

The competitions in Class 1 started well, but after 2 first prizes Rosie began to think the various tasks were boring and she decided to spice things up a bit by inventing her own. She never did the same thing twice and therefore it was really difficult to correct things while training!!! But, finally she did the perfect competition with a score of 175 point (max. 200) and won, and thereby received the LPI title at last. Perseverance pays off, no pain no gain etc. – we had by then competed more than 25 times in Class 1 and I had been close to giving up several times.

Rosie mothered many nice puppies: she had 2 litters born at kennel Woolpack’s (who was the first owner of Rosie) and 2 litters at kennel Highflying. She is still the foundation bitch in kennel Highflying’s breeding, as well as of kennel High Jack’s…

Truly missed, but lives on in our hearts and through her children, grandchildren and great grandchildren (and so on…) she continously leaves her mark with good mentalities, beautiful dogs with wonderful expressions and big personalities.