Alfons -95

DoB: 1995.04.24 — 2007-06-08
Breeder: Inger Dahl, kennel Highflying, Ödåkra.
Owners: Anneli Dahl, kennel High Jack & Inger Dahl, kennel Highflying.
Pedigree (


My lovely and highly beloved Alfons was the soul gentleman at High Jack amongst four ladies. A son to Jessie and a half-brother to Yvette, Kate and Kajsa. So he was surrounded by familymembers all his life.

Alfons hips and elbows were x-rayed and clear. Thyroid normal and his eyes checked and clear.

During 1999 Alfons won three Swedish CC’s and one CACIB as well as a Danish CC, a CACIB and a club-CC. In 2000 we visited Norway and came home with the CC and the Norwiegan Championship – this means he has gained the title of Nordic Show Champion!

He has won one BoS, one BoB and placed 5th in the Groupfinals in Sweden and 2 BoS-wins in Denmark – one at a Clubshow and another at an International show. He was also no#8 Most Winning Beardie Dog of 1999 and no#4 in 2000.

Alfons -99
At his first show as a veteran he was Best Veteran of Breed, 2nd Best Dog and also 4th Best Veteran in Show. The day before one of his sons, Highflying Time of My Life, was Best Puppy of Breed and also 4th Best Puppy in Show.

In Rastede-Loy in Germany he won a CC under Erika Bakker v d W. He was 8½ years old at the time. In Holland a few months later he won one of these “unfortunate” Reserve-Cacibs that are now starting to pile up in the hunt for the last qualifying Cacib to gain the International Championship. Alfons’ 9th birthday was celebrated at a show in Lingen, Germany, and finally he made it all the way: CC and Cacib and thereby he succeeded to gain his International Championship at last!!!

9½ years old he was BIS-2 Senior in Denmark at the Copenhagen Winner Show 2004! His critique began: “What an excellent example of the breed!”. Judge was Michael Leonard, Ireland.

At 11 years of age he won his 3rd German CC, another Cacib and was BOS in competition with significantly younger beardies in Rostock, Germany. We were then hoping for a last and qualifying German CC before his final retirement…

Well, he made it! Alfons won his final CC in 2006 in Buchholz, Germany, and was thereby a holder also of the German Championship title.

Alfons sired 5 litters of 25 puppies altogether – all puppies are black.

3 of them born in Sweden at: kennel Toe’Tuss, kennel Highflying and kennel Shorelines.
One in Finland at kennel Hiippuliinan and one in Germany at kennel Casanova’s.

8 of Alfons’ children has won CC’s at show (7 champions): Highflying Time of My Life (Danish Show Champion), Highflying Right on Time (Swedish, Norwegian & Danish Show Champion), Highflying As Time Goes By (Danish Show Champion), Hippuliinan Tessalonika (Finnish Show Champion), Hippuliinan Naxos (Finnish Show Champion), Hippuliinan Olympia (1 CC in Finland), Shorelines Celebration (Swedish and Danish Show Champion, 1 CC in Norway) and Shorelines Congratulation (1 CC in Sweden). Two of his offspring has Obedience merits: LPI LPII Toe’Tuss Walking on Sunshine & LPI SUCh Shorelines Congratulation.