DoB: 1997.01.07 — 2007.06.20
Breeder: Anneli Dahl, Jonstorp.
Owner: Anneli Dahl, kennel High Jack.
HD-Free, ED-Free.
Pedigree (bcpedigree.se)

Yvette was introduced to the secrets of life – meaning shows – at an early age. Before 4 months of age she was to accompany the older residents. At the age of 4 months and 2 days she entered her first show. By the time she was 5 months she was BoB-puppy and 4th BPiS at a big international show. She was only shown five times as an adult, with quite good results.
2 of her siblings are Show Champions: LPI LPII LPIII SweCh DanCh High Jack Xplosive and LPI DanCh High Jack Xpectation.

Yvette successfully entered the obediencering and with 171,5 – 177,5 and 186,5 points she got her obediencediploma in class 1. Yvette´s Danish LP-title was accomplished with 94 points out of 100!

Her success in the obediencerings placed her 6th on the Obedience Beardie of the Year List in 1998!!! She also got her approved mentaltest and thereby continued a familytradition…

Yvette -99

Yvettes obedience success continued through 1999 with three approved results with 171,5 – 160,5 and 176,5 points in Obedienceclass 2 which gave her the LPII-title. This resulted in another 6th place on the Obedience Beardie of the Year List of 1999!

Yvette had her first “litter” sired by Lennon – NordCh Binbusy Quotation – living at kennel Highflying. There was only ONE puppy, Kajsa, that lives with us at the kennel.

Yvette had another litter of puppies in the spring 2002 – this time there were 4 boys and 2 girls – sired by the Scottish born lad: Gillaber Drumgask, also living at kennel Highflying. One of these puppy dogs, LPI LPII High Jack Who Cares with owner Katja Börjesson, won Best Puppy in Show at the Beardie Specialty in Höganäs 2002, was 4th Best Puppy in Show Puppy in Växjö 2002 and 2nd Best Puppy in Show at southern Sweden’s largest Puppy Show in Malmö 2002 (1112 entries). Other of his merits: Appr. Herding Instinct Test and 2nd Obedience Beardie of the Year 2007.

From her third litter – 4 children born in 2003, sired by GBCh Otterswish O’Connor (living in England at kennel Otterswish), two of the puppies went abroad: High Jack Step By Step “Mika” (Germany) and High Jack By The Way “Jacky” (Norway). Jacky is a Norwegian and Swedish Show Champion.

In her fourth and last litter, again with Ch Binbusy Quotation (as the first time), she had 7 puppies. One of those moved to the sunny island Mallorca to kennel Paspulbeard: High Jack Show Off “Giacomo”. From this litter High Jack Showing Attitude “Hobbe” with his owner Sara Jansson (though Hobbe later moved to my best friends Royden & Marian MacMurdo in Canada) has performed well in obedience and his brother High Jack Showing The Way “Lord” is a Finnish & Russian Show Champion and lives in Finland with friends.